Idea Spot

The Grace Hill Women’s Business Center’s Idea Spot workshops are where aspiring entrepreneurs go first to get a great idea off the ground. These 4-week, no-cost sessions are the perfect opportunity to bounce your ideas off of fellow entrepreneurs and turn your concept into a concrete plan. Idea Spot topics include:

  • Think Like A Business Owner—Formulating your pitch, planning accordingly, investment of time, and focusing strictly on your business
  • Is Your Business Viable?—Defining and focusing on your target market, your product or service, and the differences between a non-profit and for-profit entity
  • Business Structure—organizing your business and evaluating business expenses
  • Pricing—Discussions around costs, sales, and profits for your business

Idea Spot is different from our signature WIBO program because it provides more flexibility to those who aren’t yet full-time business owners with evening and Saturday courses.

Visit our calendar to sign up for future Idea Spot sessions.