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About Workshop in Business Opportunity (WIBO) Curriculum:

  • A nationally-recognized, evidence-based curriculum that began in Harlem in 1966.
  • WIBO is a 16-week program that helps students to develop the basic structure for their business plan, including cornerstone analytical tools that develop and sustain financial decision-making.
  • The facilitation model incorporates case studies and small group discussions on each topic, rather than conventional podium and PowerPoint top-down approach.
  • More than 15,000 individuals have graduated from the WIBO program, and 54% of them are in business after five years compared to the national average of 20-40%.
  • WIBO’s curriculum covers all facets of starting and running a business:  concept development, business plan development, personnel, break-even analysis, pricing strategies, market research, marketing and sales, purchasing and inventory management, financial management, record-keeping and taxes, business law, and credit/collections.

To register for classes please plan to attend one of our upcoming orientation sessions, found on the WBC Calendar tab.

Facts About Grace Hill WBC WIBO Course:

  • Cost of class: $275 (payment plans are available upon discussion)
  • Available twice a year, February (spring) and August (fall)
  • Offered at two different locations (city and county) twice a year, so that’s FOUR CLASSES a year


Steps to Register for the Grace Hill WBC WIBO Course:

  1. Attend an upcoming orientation session (mandatory) to learn more about the program
  2. Sign all paperwork and pay $50 deposit to hold spot in class
  3. Pay the remaining amount ($225) no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of classes